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We find when we are meeting with and talking to new customers, many of them have questions on how we operate and why they should be using a recruitment company (in particular of course - why they should be using us!).

We’ve answered some of those questions below, though if you would like more information, please email or call us. 
How long have you been in business for?

Just Automotive Recruitment have been in operation since 2009. We specialise in the Heavy Vehicle and Plant Industry recruiting everything from sales staff and senior management, through to mechanics, parts, service, admin and other ad hoc related roles.

Why use us?

The Director of Just Automotive Recruitment, Jason Sultana, is a diesel mechanic by trade. Jason has also been in the truck sales business and then moved into a senior management role in a large Sydney dealership as their truck sales manager. This means that Jason has an in-depth knowledge of not only mechanical roles but all roles associated with the industry. We currently recruit for all the major dealerships in Sydney and many other related businesses.

What we do

We like to work closely with both HR and the line manager in order to find out the position requirements from all involved. This enables us to source applicants who are a technical, organisational and personality ‘fit’ for the position. 

  • Take job brief

  • Search through all our databases

  • Contact available candidates

  • Advertise the role through new and traditional media

  • Pre-screen candidates

  • Interviews

  • Conduct references  

Post Placement Care Program
Not only do we communicate constantly with you throughout the recruitment process, we also have a post placement Customer and Candidate Care program for each candidate that we place.

This program is aimed at providing an open third party forum to encourage feedback and address any issues that may arise during the first three months of employment. The program is designed to be used as an additional tool in your on-boarding process.

Basically we handle everything from start to finish!

What if it doesn’t work out?
 By working with both HR and the line manager we find this minimises the potential for problems to occur. However if the candidate is deemed unsuitable or does not last the warranted period, we offer a 3 month replacement warranty* 
*(the replacement guarantee does not apply in situations where the position is made redundant, or where the business/business unit closes down).