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International Recruitment

Why opt for International Recruitment?

Australia has been suffering from a reduced supply of a range of appropriately qualified blue collar employees across the automotive / plant / marine / construction / panel / engineering and related industry sectors. As the numbers enrolling in apprenticeship training in these areas drop, so do the number of qualified tradespeople coming through into the work force.

Since 2017, we have been building partnerships with Philippine-based organisations; migration agents, testing facilities, recruitment companies and many more, in order to bring experienced candidates to our Australian clients from a new source through a seamless recruitment process.

International Recruitment : A Solution For The Shortage of Technicians In The Automotive Industry in Australia
Why Recruit Technicians From The Philippines?

Interested to know more about the success of our overseas recruitment projects and to ascertain whether this may be an option for your organisation?

Recruiting from the Philippines with Just Automotive Recruitment
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