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Our Process

What makes us different? It’s our Process and our systems

Our Recruitment Project process is designed specifically around your organisation’s needs by a technical expert. We work closely with your HR and technical team to tailor our proven methodology to suit you, and guide you every step of the way.We believe our approach is the only true end-to-end project management for overseas recruitment and we’re more than happy to take you through why we believe this. Call Jason Sultana for more information 0414 669 673. 

  • Job Analysis
    Working closely with our clients to determine and understand the exact criteria and details of the project

  • Talent Sourcing and Shortlisting
    Liaising with our suppliers on the ground in the Philippines to source and shortlist suitable candidates 

  • Talent Screening
    This includes candidate reviews, interviews and testing and the process itself will change depending on whether we are conducting a remote recruitment project or whether we are on-site in the Philippines. All candidates undergo an initial suitability assessment before proceeding

  • Candidate Selection
    Managing the selection process to ensure compliance with government regulations for recruitment activities 

  • Candidate Processing
    Facilitate processing for trade testing, IELTS, medical testing as required, and ensuring all migration services are handled by the appropriate agencies

  • Deployment Process
    Handling all deployment related tasks to facilitate the arrival of the candidate to Australia  

  • Client Services
    Continuing association with our candidates and clients to help with the settling in process on their arrival in Australia.​

Interested to know more about the success of our overseas recruitment projects and to ascertain whether this may be an option for your organisation?

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