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Kerryn Martorana (B.Psych,Hons) MAPS JP

As a business coach and registered psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field, Kerryn currently assists individuals, families, businesses and sports people by empowering them to be their very best in all aspects of their lives. Kerryn has developed many skills as a sales coach, business & leadership coach, HR & recruitment consulting advisor, life skills manager, stress & resilience coach, mind coach and mentor. Kerryn can also assist with family and relationships counselling, sports psychology and confidence & self-esteem coaching psychology. Kerryn’s expertise lies in Emotional Intelligence and Behaviour, and her point of difference is dovetailing the art of Mindfulness into the process. Specialising in leadership, resilience and personal interaction, Kerryn partners alongside individuals and teams to strengthen the link between self-awareness, emotionality and being in the present moment to ensure maximum impact and an effective outcome. Kerryn’s flexible and fluid approach to personal and professional development allows her to create unique programs for any organisation or individual looking to instigate positive change, aspirational growth or effective performance. Currently, Kerryn consults to Just Automotive Recruitment in resilience and leadership coaching, sales coaching, leadership, emotional intelligence and behaviour modification

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Kerryn Martorana (B.Psych,Hons) MAPS JP